Matcha Marble Chiffon Cake

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Yes, I did it - no water bake no steam bake and this is so cottony soft.

Non-Bake Nutella Cheesecake

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Chanced upon this yummilicious cheesebake by one of the FB members Munira Bamadhaj, I simply can't resist it, so here is my nutella cheesecake.

Black Sesame Sponge Cake

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I love those cakes baked by Jeannie Tay.  They are always so tall and beautifully baked.  I decided to try my hands on this black sesame sponge cake.  I am certainly very pleased with the result – tall and no shrinkage and its so soft and spongy.  Thanks Jeannie for your sharing.  My clumsiness in the ‘tadpoles’ design needs more practice.

Chia Seeds Almond Butter Cake

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I have not bake butter cakes for a long time.  This chia seeds almond butter cake caught my attention and I have the ingredients needed so without further delay this is my bake.  I must say the aroma of this cake in the oven was awesome and it was indeed a good butter cake which is moist and soft.  My friend and neighbour also gave the same affirmation.  Thanks Ann for your sharing.