Non-bake Cherry Yoghurt Cheesecake

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This non-bake cheese cake is easy to make and yet smooth and creamy..  I tried to do the swirls but didn't turn out well.  This is my second attempt and I decided to make a jelly layer instead of the marble effects.

Mango Float

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Mangoes are in season now and great to add a tropical twist to cake baking routine or create a cool yummy dessert.

I chanced upon this mango float at Tested & Tasted and it looks 'sinfully' good and so without further hesitation this is my mango float.


Tulips at Gardens By the Bay

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The weather is super hot that it was impossible to stay in the kitchen to warm up the oven. Instead I made a trip to the Gardens by the Bay to see the beautiful tulips in the cooled conservatory.

Fruity Popsicles

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The weather is horribly hot recently.  A cool dessert would be most appropriate to beat the heat and certainly this popsicles would do the job well.  This is so easy and cool for this hot weather.