Snow Cheesecake

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I have no idea how does this cake taste like until I saw how it has become a friend's signature cake, i decided to give it a try.  After my first attempt, i told myself I am not going to make again - too much washing and its so oily.  But my colleagues fell in love with it and encouraged me to make more often.  So this is the third time I am making it and I too find myself fallingin love with this cake.

Thai Rose Mix Tea Chiffon

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Love the soft and fluffy texture with a hint of rose scent.

Snow Cheesecake

This is my first experience of this savory sweet cake. I wanted to do a trial cake for myself before I gift away for Christmas.  I thought the name was very appropriate for a Christmas gift.  Unfortunately, I lost track of the dates and didnt realised my boss brought forward his leave and that left me with no time to try it out.  I kept asking a home-baker from Facebook how does the cake taste like, etc etc.  Since she had baked few occassions for her friends' birthdays, I guess the cake must be ok so I gah gah gift it away and thankfully his feedback was "SUPERB"! Phew......

Subsequently, I baked another one on New Year's day and all my colleagues and neighbor said is superb.  So instead of having it as my limited edition (dont intend to make this again cos its so messy and so oily to wash!) and I have to practice more to make it my signature cake. :)

Strawberry Chocolate Tart

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Easy peasy no-bake strawberry chocolate tart.  Easy and its delish.