Osmanthus and Chestnut Jelly

Jellies using osmanthus are really beautiful and easy.  I love the color from the osmanthus but have shelved until now as I wasn't sure what is the taste of osmanthus.  Last week end somebody make this osmanthus jelly and I got to try it at last.  
I love it and I don't find any strong smell or taste of the osmanthus.  Pretty don't you think so? :)

Recipe source: Cuisine Paradise

1 Packet Red Man Brand Konnyaku Premix Jelly Powder
1200ml Water
3 - 4 Teaspoons Osmanthus Flower
1.5 Tablespoons Wolfberries, soaked till soften
8 Water Chestnuts, skin removed and diced
1 Knot of Pandan Leave, optional

1. In a pot, add 1200ml of water and bring to boil together with pandan leave for 3 minutes to infuse the water with pandan leave fragrance.

2. Lower the heat, add in osmanthus flowers and simmer on low heat for 2 minutes.

3. On the lowest heat, slowly stir in Konnyaku Jelly Powder using a balloon whisk or wooden spoon until powder fully dissolved. Turn off the heat and remove from stove.

4. Add 2 wolfberries (pre-soaked in water for 3 - 5 minutes till puff) and 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of water chestnut in each jelly mould.

5. Slowly pour in jelly solution into the prepared mould. Cool and chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours to firm it before serving.


  1. Healthy & Refreshing desserts :)

  2. These r "clearly" yummy... I love anything osmanthus

  3. Chris, your osmanthus jelly looks really pretty! So good for our hot weather.

  4. Looks good, Chris. I like this jelly very much!

  5. Hello, I'm Francesca and I'm Italian. Your blog is very nice and this recipe is definitely very good. I Imota to your members. If you want to follow me too.

  6. I love this jelly, so refreshing!

  7. yes, they look very pretty and attractive..like gems in glasses! i want the whole batch to eat!

  8. No problem, Lena but must come earlier next time. ;)

  9. That looks very pretty. I'll probably eat a dozen and skip lunch :D A friend gave me a pack of osmanthus recently but haven't used it yet. Wish I can get konyyaku jelly powder here. I think it's banned here in UK cos of the risk of choking. Maybe I can use agar agar instead.


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