Palm Sugar and Coconut Milk Jelly (2)

My first attempt on this failed to have the sugar and coconut milk separated.  Very reluctant to rest the case, so I decided to try again.  Yeah .... can you see the sugar and milk layers?  So never give up so easily ....

Recipe Source: seasaltwithfood

500ml (2 cups) water
150g Palm Sugar, roughly chopped
1 pkt agar-agar powder (12gm) (original 3 tsp)
1 pandan leaf, tied into a knot
500ml coconut milk (original 300ml)
pinch of sea salt


  • Place water, sugar, agar-agar powder and pandan leaf in a roomy pan and bring to the boil. Lower the heat and simmer until agar-agar powder completed dissolves.
  • Remove pandan leaf.  Stir in the salt into the coconut milk and pour this into the jelly.  Return the mixture to the boil then immediately remove from the heat.
  • Pour the jelly into a glass dish or jelly mould and leave undisturbed until set.  When cool, chill the jelly in the refrigerator.  The jelly should separate nicely into 2 layers - a clear palm sugar and a coconut layer.


  1. Nice layers! I would love to have this, love palm sugar.

  2. Very nice jelly. I want to try this too.

  3. i like this type of old fashioned agar-agar too.

  4. This looks wonderful! Show me this before dinner, dangerous-lah! The plate will be empty in a jiffy!

  5. Beautiful jellies. These would be so wonderful during hot weather.

  6. Looks very rich yet cooling !!! This is a good after dinner dessert, can pop down a few easily at one go !! Especially for someone like me with a sweet tooth !

  7. very amazed that it can come up with separate layers! like magic!

  8. Z: I tried two times over the weekend but both failed =(

  9. Me too! Mines failed to separate...

  10. May I know what did you do differently this time that the layers separated? I know it's a really old post. Hopefully you can remember.



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