Malacca trip (17 - 18 Oct 2011)

No plans for a holiday yet and its already October.  Our firm's policy is we have to clear our leaves by 31 December of each calendar year. 

I havent been to Malacca for a long time, so decided to do an overnight stay in Malacca just to relax and unwind.  We decided on a week day to avoid the crowds and indeed it was very quiet - no need to Q for anything.  :)

This little birdie in the hotel compound has kindly allowed us to take photos of it ...

These are some of the local products .....

Only two of us went and both of us are small eaters and its a shame we missed the Nonya food this time.....  :(


  1. so you had the famous chicken rice balls? do you like it?

  2. No bad but I think there is a place for better chicken rice balls.


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