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This week I have invited Anncoo from Anncoo Journal to do a Guest Post for us.  I’m sure you’ll find reading Anncoo’s posting such a delight, so do check it out!
Anncoo is the first blogger whom I got to know through a friend who was then helping me to set up my blog. Blogging has since been such a thrilling experience for me.  I’m sure you’ll have similar sentiments.
Anncoo’s culinary and photography skills, and craft work simply amazes me.  She is such a talent, and more importantly, so generous a person.  Anncoo shares honestly all that she has learnt from her experiences and knowledge.  Ask her on any topic – from baking to marketing, and I’m sure you’ll find nuggets of gold that you can take away!  Just recently, she has done a spring clean to my blog which explains why my blog is now so pretty now! :)
Take a look at some of Anncoo’s creative ‘artwork’.  Beautiful Koi Fish Jelly

See how Anncoo turned the moon cakes into cute, adorable piglets!

So thank you Ann.  You are such a source of inspiration and that’s why I continue to be blogging till this day!  As the Chinese saying goes, you certainly ‘进得了厨房出得了厅堂’.  Your husband is one blessed man! 
Do stop by at Anncoo Journal and I’m sure you’ll be echoing all that I’ve said about Anncoo!

After making so many mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, I think it is better to make something light and healthy to balance our diet. I've chosen a few easy recipes from books and magazines for the next few posts ... Please stay tuned :)

This first healthy post ~ "Tuna & Tofu Cold Dish" is a special guest post for Chris from Yummy Bakes and thank you very much for inviting me to do a guest post on your blog.

I've known Chris not long after I started blogging and she is also my first met local blogger.   We arranged to meet at Hans for lunch two years ago which was very near to her offfice.  I still remember the first time I saw Chris, a short hair, slim and petite lady wearing a red blouse and a pair of black pants.  She walked towards me and was the first person who called me 'Anncoo'. Hahaa I felt a little bit funny as this was the first time that someone addressed me as 'Anncoo' as most of you by now would know that my name is 'Ann' We had a nice chat in that short one hour lunch and after that we exchanged emails and went out together quite a number of times. It is my pleasure to know you Chris and this is for you.... Tuna & Tofu Cold Dish
Tofu is a very good source of protein and it is very easy to use. It can be used in both savory and sweet desserts. I made this easy Tuna & Tofu Cold Dish which can be ready in 15 in minutes. You can serve it as appetizer, side dish or even as a light meal with Soba (buckwheat noodle) by adding extra sauce in it.

Here is the recipe (serves 4)
2 Block Silken tofu
1 can Tuna in water
some cherry tomatoes, toasted white sesame seeds, diced spring onion
Dash of white pepper, pinch of salt

3 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp Vinegar
2 tsp Kikkoman light soya sauce
2 tsp Chopped garlic
Dash of black pepper

Cut tofu into small blocks. Remove water from tuna and squash tuna slightly and mix with a dash of white pepper and pinch of salt. Slice cherry tomatoes thinly.

Place tofu on serving plate with sliced cherry tomatoes and tuna on top.

Drizzle the sauce over it and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and diced spring onion and serve immediately.



  1. Thank you Chris for inviting me! It was a pleasure doing it. It's great to know you through blogging :)

  2. hi chris and anncoo, never tried cold tofu but your photo makes it so tempting that i just want to have a piece now! I am also very happy to be surrounded by all of you bloggers here, so willingly to share lovely recipes and always so supportive!!

  3. come over from Ann's house to say hi...^0^

  4. My kind of dish! And I love the set-up!

  5. Great guest post! Love this simple and delicious tofu very much.

  6. Ann, glad to have met you too. Wow you remembered those details of our first meet! ;)

    lena - agree, bloggers are so supportive and open about sharing their recipes. I didnt regret blogging though its very time consuming.

    Sherleen. T - thanks for stopping by.

    busygran - yeah, I love tofu too.

    Anonymous - thanks for stopping by.

  7. What a lovely and refreshing dish Ann...gorgeous presentation and guest post :)

  8. Chris, you definitely left a very good impression on Ann. These tofu looks really delicious.

  9. This is a must try recipe. Looks so healthy and most important, minimal labour!

  10. I'm always a big fan of Ann. She is always great in her cooking and baking.

  11. Chris! I totally agreed with you. Ann is a very creative cook/baker. And this dish is sure a great starter for hot weather like this :)

  12. Hi Chris, nice to know you thru Ann's guest post for your blog. Beautiful guest post and I totally agree with you all about Ann! She's really a very very nice lady with excellent talents and creativity. ;)

  13. Hi Chris, my first time here. Came over from Anncoo Journal. Ann is such a lovely person and I am glad I got to meet her last year. She is really a very generous and talented person and her blog has such a wealth of recipes. This tofu dish is so light and refreshing and it is great after all those mooncakes. Have a nice day!

  14. Magic of Spice - Thanks for stopping by.

    Edith - thanks. I think so otherwise she wouldnt have remember the details of our first meet. haha

    Cheah - thanks. Must find time to try it out.

    Zoe - Nice to see you here. Yeah, Ann is really creative with her culinary skills.

    Lyn - so nice to see you here.

    Biren - thanks. Fully agree with you that Ann is a talent.

  15. Cuisine Paradise - Thanks. Agree fully with you.

  16. wow the Koi Fish Jelly looks so Beautiful, its not only for your hungry, it is also for our eays :-) very cute


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