Prawns in Chilli Ketchup Gravy

My mom used to say don't know what to buy, don't know what to cook!!  It's a headache to think of what to buy and cook each day, now I understand.  Every day you see the same thing at the wet market and supermarkets....
Double-headache for a non-cooking person like me but thanks to technology and experienced bloggers who have generously shared their recipes.  I must say am thankful that I joined blogging and get to try different dishes and bakes.

I saw this at The Little Teochew's blog.  The prawns look so fresh and tempting from the photo.  Too delicious to pass this.  So this is my Prawns in chilli ketchup gravy and all say very good.... 

Ingredients(Recipe source: The Little Teochew)

1kg black tiger prawns (or any type of fresh, whole prawns)
7 to 8 thin slices ginger, about 2cm diameter
3 spring onions, cut into 1-inch length (leave aside a handful, cut small, for garnishing)
1 onion (cut into wedges)
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 chilli (sliced) optional
Vegetable oil, enough for shallow frying + 1 tbsp


2 tbsp ketchup
3 tbsp chilli sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp dark soya sauce
1 tbsp soya sauce
Water, 2-3 tbsp


1. In a wok and deep frying pan, heat up enough vegetable oil to cover prawns when frying. When it is warm, shallow fry prawns in batches for about 5-6 minutes or until pink. Repeat until the whole batch finishes, set aside.

2. In a new pan, pour over 1 tbsp spoon of the vegetable oil. Under medium heat, put in garlic, onion and ginger. Cook until soft. Mix all the ingredients for the sauce and add into the pan. Stir well.

3. Add in cooked prawns, spring onions and cut fresh chilli (if using). Cook and stir for another 5 minutes. Serve hot.


  1. I think I'll have some for my lunch today...hehehe

  2. I have the same headache everyday too, hehehe..Hmm, this look so yummy. By the way, i like your new blog icon, a loaf of bread in the oven, just perfect suit your blog.

  3. Prawns is my favorite and this prawn dish looks very delicious. So good with more prawn sauce in rice and of course I want the prawn too!

  4. mouthwatering! i think by now you are already a fantastic cook, i can see that you are really cooking good!

  5. My mom used to cook this dish and we loved it. Seriously I don't know why I never tried cooking myself.

    Guess it is time to do so.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. My mum used to cook this last time too! Oh looking at your pics just bring back so much good memories.  Will try this out and see if it's the same as my mum's. Thanks!

  7. Chris, you mum is right. You have cooked my favorite dish. You are too modest to say you are a non cooking person. These prawns look perfect and delicious.

  8. That sauce looks amazing and so simple too!

  9. Oooh...prawns!!! My all time favourite. I need the whole plate for myself :D

  10. This looks awesome and looks like a recipe I would seriously and happily prefer to try out this weekend! Lovely blog and great pictures!!

  11. yummylittlecooks - Thanks.

    Sonia - indeed its a headache each day thinking of the menu. Thanks, our mutual friend help me with the blog.

    Anncoo - yeah, help yourself to as much as you like.

  12. lena - thanks, am still learning along the way.

    edith - haha maybe its time for you to try out now.

    HBS - thanks and hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. ;)

    Quay Po Cooks - Thanks. Honestly, I am not a cooking person but thankfully for the many experienced cooks who shared generously.

    Nicole - thanks and nice to have you here.

    MaryMoh - certainly, help yourself - don't be shy. ;)

    Purabi Naha - thanks for your compliments and hope to see you here more often.


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