Egg Tarts

Suddenly I was craving for egg tarts and started to itch about making it.  Browsed through a few bloggers's lovely egg tarts and was kind of undecided which recipe to adapt.

I have never make any egg tarts before, some say the filling is a bit difficult to get it right, etc,etc.  And this being my maiden attempt, I want to get it right.  So I decided to adapt Lena's which I feel a lot easier for my first attempt on egg tarts.  These are really easy to make and so good to pair off with a cup of nice tea or kopi.    Crispy skin and smooth egg filling ... just the perfect tarts for me ... love it so much and I shared some with my neighbours who enjoyed very much too.  Thanks, Lena for sharing  - this recipe is worth keeping and repeating.
Egg Tarts (adapted from Her Frozen Wings)

Ingredients for the skin
190g butter, softened
225g flour
75g custard powder
60g fine sugar
1 egg

Method:Just mix all the ingredients together into a pastry and place pastry into tart moulds.

Ingredients for the filling:
200g boiling water
150g sugar
5 eggs
250g fresh milk

  1. Preheat oven at 200C for 15 mins.
  2. Dissolve sugar in boiling water, let it cool, add egg and fresh milk.  Do not beat, just stir and mix.
  3. Strain the mixture and pour into the tart mould.  Bake at 180C for 25 mins or until cooked.


  1. hi chris, glad to know that it turned out well! I always think egg tarts is quite tricky to make, i mean the filling and the monitoring of the temp, next i want to attempt the flaky type of egg tarts!Thanks for linking!

  2. Nice egg tart! I seldom bake egg tart because I always think it's a lot of work. But after seeing your, I feel like baking egg tarts, hehe.

  3. Mmm...pretty tarts! I want some for my breakfast :)

  4. my gal loves egg tarts!!!! I am going to make these today for her as she is feeling very down of late.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. lena - I love flaky skin type too. Look forward to it and hope it's not difficult at all.

    Min - I thought so too that egg tarts are not easy to make but this recipe not is very easy. Try it when you are free.

    Anncoo - I actually thought of giving you a buzz but thought you are normally busy on week ends. Help yourself to the tarts. ;)

    edith - oh dear ... hope the mummy's tarts will cheer her up.

  6. favourite. I need some now. How strange no one makes egg tarts here. I think I better make myself. Thanks very much for sharing.

  7. Look so tempting, the skin look so flacky & yummy!

  8. I have yet to make egg tart from scratch, must try this simple recipe one day.

  9. I love eating egg tarts but not the process of putting the crust into the mould lol! I find that very tedious especially when my sons want a very thin crust so I have to get it as thin as I could and that is such a chore! Yours look so yummy!

  10. Your egg tarts look so delicious!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I'm your new follower. Have a nice day!

  11. MaryMoh - thank you. Am beginning to love egg tarts now. Home-made still the best.

    DG - thanks.

    Sonia - ya, do give this recipe a try and hope you enjoy it just as I do.

    Jeannie - this is quite easy to do. ;)

    kitchen flavours - thanks and hope to see you around more often.

  12. I always thought these tarts would be difficult but you make them sound so easy! When I get a craving for these tarts I know where to go now to look for a recipe! ;p

  13. I really like egg tarts, and yours are gorgeous. only 3 steps - I definitely have to try out the recipe one day :D

  14. I love your egg tarts, looks really good! Okay, gonna try lena's recipe too, tks for posting!

  15. Janine - Ya, me too. All along I thought egg tarts are difficult to make. So quick find time to try this out.

    noobcook - I am not a fan of egg tarts but now I am falling in love with egg tarts. Wanna do this again soon.

    HBS - Thank you - am sure you will love this tarts.


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