Stuffed Broccoli with Prawn Colloid (花开富贵)

I think I am beginning to enjoy cooking now - both the process and savouring the end result of each dish whipped up.

I must thank the great blogger cooks who have given me an opportunity to try different dishes. I am more into baking than cooking. I guess its for survival sake that makes me pick up cooking ...
Glad too that I started blogging and learnt alot about baking and now hmmm.... cooking!

Don't you think this looks good to be served on Chinese New Year day? Nice colour presentation right and bottom line is it is easy to prepCheck Spellingare.

Western broccoli 1 plant
Prawns 190 gm
Minced carrot 1 tbsp

Salt 1/3 tsp
White pepper 1/2 tsp
Sesame oil 1/2 tsp
Cornflour 2 tsp

Chicken Stock 3/4 cup

Salt 1/3 tsp
White pepper 1/3 tsp
Cornflour 1 tsp

1. Shell and devein the prawns and dry with paper towel. Pound them with the back of chopper, add seasoning and whip into a colloid.

2. Parboil the broccoli with 1 tsp salt and oil then cut into small pieces.

3. Stuff the prawn colloid on each broccoli and sprinkle some minced carrots on it. Steam until cooked.

4. Bring the gravy to a boil and pour it over the stuffed broccoli before serving.


  1. wah wah looks very appetizing leh can i can have plate please!

  2. j3ss kitch3n - thank you. Do help yourself to as much as you like.

  3. Very pretty dishes! I'm sure this dish will look quite presentable served during CNY.

  4. WOW! Looks like served by restaurant. 有进步哦!

  5. It looks simply attractive and delicious!

  6. Not to mention how healthy boiled brocollis are! Definitely worthy to be placed for reunion dinner!

  7. DG - thank you.

    Anncoo - thank you for your compliment - still learning.

    busygran - thank you.

    crustabakes - yeah, a healthy and easy to prepare dish.

  8. It's different to cook a variety of dishes with plain broccoli and this is a brilliant dish.

  9. Definitely fitting for CNY! I love broccolis and serving this with prawn and egg white is one of the most 'restuarant' way to do it!

  10. i love the color combination, pretty yet healthy dish :)

  11. Shirley - thank you.

    Jean - I also love the color combination and nice too.


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