Steamed tofu with Minced Meat and Wolfberries

Tofu again? Yes ..... steamed tofu with minced meat and wolfberries, another healthy dish. Wolfberries are good for the eyes.

Appetising enough....?

Hungry now? Here goes the recipe (taken from noobcook):

Ingredients(Serves 2-3)

1 tube silken egg tofu 蛋豆腐 (150g)
1/2 tbsp light soy sauce
15 wolfberries, soaked in water till puffy (about 20 minutes)
1/2 stalk spring onion, sliced thinly or cut to wispy strips

(A) Meat and marinade
50g minced pork (can substitute with chicken)
1/2 stalk spring onion, sliced thinly
a few thin carrot slices (peeled using a vegetable peeler, stacked together and finely chopped)
1 tsp light soy sauce
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp cornflour
dash of white pepper powder
1 tsp Chinese cooking wine

1. Cut egg tofu in half along the “dotted line” (if any), remove packaging and cut to thin and even slices. Arrange tofu pieces on a steaming plate (with a bit of depth).

2. Mix ingredients in (A) evenly in a small bowl and allow to sit for at least a few minutes.

3. Mould a small amount of the marinaded meat mixture (about 1 tsp or less) into a ball and place on top of tofu slices. Top each meat ball with a wolfberry. Drizzle 1/2 tbsp light soy over the tofu slices.

4. Steam over high heat for about 5 minutes (starting from the time the water in steamer is boiling), or until the meat is cooked (see cooking note 1 below). Before serving, use a spoon to drizzle the soy liquid collected in the plate over the tofu slices. Garnish with chopped spring onions.


  1. i love this dish always order when we eat out yummy dish koh!

  2. Looks good & yum yum, when are you inviting me to try this hehehehhee :)

  3. i just made the similar steamed tofu dish, yours look healthy and good too.

  4. Agree that the dish is healthy and good.
    I cooked tofu for lunch today. Seems like tofu is becoming popular!

  5. sonia also posted on tofu today and i love both of your dishes too!

  6. hey chris,

    nice tofu dish you have there. simple yet yields a good result. will bookmark this. thanks for sharing =]

  7. Hi Jess, Ann - Thank you.

    DG - next time I cook this, I give you a shout since we are staying quite near-by. :)

    Sonia, Busygran and Lena - Thank you.

    BakerTan - Try it out - simple and healthy.

  8. oooh, i love tofu and this recipe sounds so good. Think I'll try this weekend.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love tofu, this dish looks so good.

  10. This looks wonderful... It sounds quite easy as well to make. Thank you for sharing :).

  11. NEL, the batter baker - thanks for dropping by. Yeah, try it when you have time.

    Jess @ Bakericious and Cooking Gallery - thank you.

  12. This looks healthy and delish!

  13. Gosh, they look so cute and are healthy too!

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