Apple Cinnamon Cake

Do you find this cake familiar? Have you try it? If you are planning/thinking of what to bake, do consider this cake. Those who want to 'order' this cake, drop me a note and I will be more than happy to direct you to the 'shop'. ;)
Anncoo, how's my marketing skill?
Get the receipe here Anncoo


  1. You cake is full of ingredient on top , I guess it must be very delicous when eating !

    May I know what is on top of the cake ? Nuts ?

    I am sorry , I think you need to adjust your camera setting to ISO 400 to take this picture otherwise ,your photo will be very dark .


    Also , try to press the "flower " icon to get a clearer shot .

  2. Hi Betty, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, this cake is very nice - soft and moist. Toppings are walnuts mixed with flour, sugar, cinnamon powder. You should try it. You can get the recipe from

  3. thanks for your tips for photo-shooting. This is my first digital camera bought for the sake of blogger. There are still a lot of gadgets I am not sure and just settling for the basics. I really need help on the use of the camera.

  4. Not bad leh, let me print you some name cards :DD


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