Steam Chicken Wings with Salted Fish

Dinner time, headache time! What shall we have .... thank goodness there is this Anncoo Restaurant within a click and there you can find fantastic menu/dishes. hahaha

Anncoo, this is very nice - thanks for sharing. Am very pleased with both its colour and taste (of course can't compare to your good photography skill - more to learn).

Goodness me - I dont even know the name of this veggie. I went to the stall, took a packet and asked the aunty how to cook and this is what she told me. No bad right - I didnt over fry the veggies - still look green. ;)

What a simple and healthy dinner we had. We were all very satisfied .....


  1. Thanks Sonia. A person who can't cook always look for the easiest/simplest dish to prepare.

  2. That is a good looking dish! Love fish and chicken. :)


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