Apple Juice Jelly Like Beer

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This is a super easy to make jelly with only two ingredients.  Unfortunately, my foam deflates to quickly.

500ml Apple juice cold juice
10g gelatin powder (To be more perfect added 13gm of gelatine) 1 tbsp castor sugar (I added cos I find it taste better / but can omit it if you want too)
  1. Transfer 3 tbsp. of apple juice into a large microwavable bowl. Then add gelatin powder and mix well. Cover and microwave at 500w for 30 seconds, and mix well again till gelatin was totally dissolve
  2. Add the rest of the cold apple juice, whisk for few minutes
  3. Then mix quickly for 30 seconds to make the foam. by hand whisk
  4. Serve in glasses and cool in the fridge for about an hour to set.


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