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Egg tarts are popular in the dim sum menu when one goes yum cha. What I love these egg tarts is the silky smooth filling. 


Recipe source: Anncoo Journal adapted from Cass

  • 面粉 225g
  • 牛油 125g
  • 糖粉 35g(我用白糖磨成糖粉)
  • 鸡蛋 1粒
    1. 先把牛油置于室温中待软化,用电动打蛋器打松,分两次加入糖粉慢速打至变浅色。
    2. 分两次加入打散的蛋汁,慢速打均,分两次筛入面粉,搓均成一面团。
    3. 将面团分成24g(约18个),把面团放入挞模型内,用拇指沿挞模压出均匀的模型。

    • 鸡蛋 3粒
    • 细砂糖 100g
    • 热水 100g
    • 无糖豆浆 210g
    1. 先把细砂糖和热水混合,搅拌至糖溶化。
    2. 鸡蛋和豆奶搅拌均匀,加入糖水,搅至完全混合。
    3. 用筛筛过滤蛋汁(我过滤3次),隔去蛋液中的粒粒和泡沫,倒入挞皮内。
    4. 预热烤箱160度,烤25-30分钟,直到蛋液不会摇动,即


    1. oh... they look very silky indeed... i can spoon and eat all the custard on its own.. heh heh

    2. Can see the custard is very smooth. Thumbs Up!

    3. Your egg tarts look so tempting. Wish I could have a few.

    4. yes, the filling looks very smooth, well done chris!

    5. I just saw some egg tarts pictures this morning which started my craving. Now yours just compound it....haha. I love how the egg custard look so silky smooth. I don't think anyone can stop at one....not me :D


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