Kahlua Coffee Jelly

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This is incredibly simple to prepare. I really wasn't sure if I would like it or not the first time I made it on Saturday.  I didn't quite like the taste initially then I mixed it well with the topping and it was good and so I made again yesterday.  I love the aftertaste of Kahlua ….
A good dessert to consider for this hot weather...

Recipe source: Anncoo Journal

Ingredients: (makes about 6-7 cups)
600ml Water
15g Gelatine powder (1 tbsp + 1 tsp)
5 1/2 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp Instant coffee powder (Nescafe classic)
1 tbsp Kahlua liqueur

100ml Soya milk (reduced sugar)
1 1/2 tbsp Kahlua liqueur

1.         Soak gelatine powder with 2 tbsp water, set aside.

2.         Boil water with sugar and reduce heat to medium and add in the gelatine. Stir till gelatine melted and bring to boil again.

3.         Turn off heat, add in coffee powder, stir well and lastly add in Kahlua liqueur. Then pour into moulds or cups. Leave to cool and chill to set in the refrigerator.

4.         For topping: Mix the soya milk and kahlua liqueur together and add about 2 to 3 tablespoons of the mixture over the coffee jelly when serve.


  1. Looks like I've got to make this too.... so super hot here!

    1. Yes, its very hot too over here in Singapore ... I am so glad I cleared my kahlua. :)

  2. Did you feel tipsy after having these :DD
    My hubby had two cups in a go!

  3. No lah though I dont drink but kahlua is still very mild to me....
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great for this terribly hot weather when it is chilled!

  5. I actually bookedmarked Ann's recipe but I am no coffee drinker but seems like I must not kiving it too long.

  6. when i first saw it in ann's blog, i thot that's really unique to have some alcohol in jelly! i can also imagine the aftertaste of kahlua in this jelly..nice.

  7. Nice! Looks so refreshing, so, so, perfect for our hot stuffy weather!


  8. Hello, I have a question.. well Im no coffee drinker, but isnt 2 tbsp of Instant coffee quite a lot?


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