Chocolate Biscuits

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This biscuits are really easy to make and its so addictive.  This is my second attempt - this round I increased the portion and managed to share with some of my colleagues.  Those who tried all said it was good and should sell....

Recipe source: Anncoo Journal

120g Semi-sweet chocolate
30g Peanut butter, use the creamy or crunchy type
40g Almond nibs (toasted) or Almond silvers (toast and cut to small pieces)
40g Cornflakes
40g Dried Cranberry (cut into smaller pieces) or any other dried fruits
·      Chop semi-sweet chocolate into smaller pieces and melt in a double boiler.
·      Add in peanut butter and stir till melted in the chocolate. Then add all the remaining ingredients in it and mix them well in the melted chocolate.
·      Pour chocolate mixture into prepared pan and cover with a cling wrap.
·      Press the chocolate mixture evenly with the palm of your hand and again press it hard with a lapis press or a drinking glass, to make sure all the ingredients stick together.
·      Place cake pan in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes until chocolate set.
·      Remove the set chocolate from the cake pan and cut them into required sizes.


  1. This is very addictive makes me wanted to grab the biscuits through my screen :D

  2. Chocolate, almond, cranberries and cornflakes sound like a wonderful combination in these biscuits.

  3. These certainly looks very addictive!

  4. Ooh, I would buy them! They look fantastic!

  5. These are delicious and addictive!


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