Blueberry Orange Muffins

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Today is one of those afternoons when I feel so lazy - just want to laze around and do nothing.  And yet not willing to let the week end pass just like that - it would be a waste to just let the Sunday go without satisfying my itchy hands to bake something.

The to-bake-list is so long, I dont know what to bake and I remembered I still have a punnet of blueberry in the freezer.... Hmmm I better clear it before I buy fresh ingredients.

So this is what I bake for my afternoon tea .... Its moist and good with the added orange juice and zest .... I just love the citrus taste from the orange.

And looking at the cup liners, that reminds me its December now and Christmas is just round the corner .... :(

Recipe source: Anncoo Journal


  1. Looks so moist inside, blueberries and orange juice would sure go well together in terms of flavours.

  2. I tried this too, it is yummy! By looking at your cupcakes, make me want to bake again :)

  3. Chris, thank you for trying my recipes. This is the most yummy muffins I'd tried so far.

  4. Beautiful texture there. You have my 2 favourite ingredients there. I'm sure they taste awesome.

  5. I would love to have some blueberry muffins now. It is almost midnight and my tummy is growling! :)

    1. If you are not scare of putting weight (eating so late put on weight very fast leh!), by all means do help yourself.

  6. I'm admiring your blog's makeover .... very sweet soothing colour, yet striking. Not forgetting your pictures. Can I have some for my breakfast now!!

  7. Lovely festive bakes with those cute Santa liners! Awesome combo too! YUM! :)


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