Orange Chiffon Cake

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Not chiffon again?  Yes, it's an orange chiffon cake this time.

This chiffon cake is really good - very soft.  See I can't even slice it properly and I was like a bit fed up at how I messed it.

So I decided to give a second try by baking them in paper cups .... Yeah, yum, yum .... especially the strong aroma of orange filling the kitchen when it's baking in the oven.

Recipe source: Happy Flour

3 egg yolk
85g orange juice
55g corn oil
15g caster sugar
1/2tsp grated orange rind
1/2tsp orange essence
few drop of orange food colouring
pinch of salt

Ingredients (B)
110g cake flour
1/8tsp baking powder

Ingredients (C)
3 egg white
1/4tsp cream tartar
70g caster sugar

1.Preheat oven at 175C.
2.Use a hand whisk and mix (A) together.
3.Sift (B) and mix into (A).
4.Stir till well combined and leave aside.
5.Use a cake mixer and whisk the egg whites and cream of tartar till frothy.
6.Gradually add in the sugar and whisk till stiff peaks form.
7.Fold in 1/4 of the meringue into the egg yolk mixture until combined.
8.Then fold in the rest of the meringue lightly until well combined.
9.Pour batter into a 17cm tube pan and give a sharp bang on the table top to release air bubbles.
10.Put into a preheated oven and bake for 30-35mins.
11.Remove from oven, invert cake onto table until completely cool.
12.Remove from pan and serve.

Enjoy and have a great week ahead!



  1. Hi Chris, Your chiffon cake looks so spongy and soft, and I can see that you really, really, love chiffon cakes! I do too! I agree that sometimes slicing them is a chore! Using a serrated knife and cuts in gently with a sawing motion would be an easier way of slicing the soft cake. If you find it difficult to slice in individual pieces, try slicing them across from one end to the other gently, dividing the cake in exactly half, rotate the cake and repeat until you get about 8 or 10 slices depending on how big your cake is. Hope this helps.
    Have a great week!

  2. baking them in paper cups is also a great idea! i think by now baking chiffon is a breeze for you!

  3. I don't mind to have the mess up one, so I take a bigger slice :D

  4. Yum is the word for this cake, Chris! More chiffon cakes to come??


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