Stir Fry Pumpkin with Dried Shrimps

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I love to eat pumpkins but doesnt know many ways of preparing it except pumpkin rice.  Lena has shared a very appetising Chinese stir-fry pumpkins with dried shrimps which is indeed very delicious to go with white rice.

Recipe source from:Frozen Wings

Ingredients :
300gms pumpkin, cut into bite size with skin on
3 cloves garlic
3 shallots
20gm dried shrimps, minced
1/2 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp- 1tsp brown sugar, to taste

1. Pour some cooking oil into your wok and fry them till soft on medium high heat.. This will take around 10-15 minutes, you can use your spatula or fork , prick it into the pumpkin to test if the flesh is tender. Remove from wok and run under water to get rid of the excess oil.
2. Leaving 1 tbsp of oil in the wok, put in the dried shrimps, saute them till fragrant and add in the garlic and shallots . Fry them for about 20 seconds, return the pumpkins into your wok and stir fry them. Add in the oyster sauce and brown sugar. Add in a little water if you find them a little dry, cover them with wok cover for about a minute. If you still prefer it a little softer, you can add in more water and taste again.


  1. I love pumpkin and I definitely want try this recipe, looks so yummy.

  2. hi chris, thanks for the mention and am glad that you liked it. I cooked this on occasional basis and my family likes it. eh, so are you not posting the chocolate cake??

  3. Hi Chris,
    Pumpkin is one of my family favourite veggies! I cooked similar to this too, only with a little gravy as my family is crazy over gravies! I could easily finished the whole plate all by myself! :)

  4. I love pumpkin, but only know how to make into dessert cakes. Now, i can cook pumpkin as a dish rather than just dessert .. yahoo! :) Thanks...


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