Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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Oink, Oink ... do you find me familiar?
Hey, I think I saw you somewhere....
Hmmm, let me try to recall

Shh.... if you recalled where you have seen me, please don't tell anyone I have sneaked out ok?  I just want to wish Yummy Bakes' readers/friends "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival" and thereafter I will go back to keep my friends company.  Too lonely here -  I don't think I should abandon my friends at Anncoo Journal :)

Oink, oink ... do I look a little lonely? But I do feel lonely here!
 It's getting late, I better go back before Anncoo realise one piglet is missing!
And don't forget to enjoy the moon cakes with your family and have fun.

Finally, Anncoo thank you very much for the lovely moon cakes - we love it.


  1. Little piggy has run away from home? So cute! Happy mid-autumn festival to u and your family!

  2. 不要客气,中秋节快乐!

  3. lucky girl!! next time i shall self invite myself to anncoo's place!haha! Happy mooncake festival to you too!!

  4. I wish I could steal one of Anncoo's piggies off my screen ;) You are very lucky :)

  5. Happy Mooncake festival to you :)

  6. Chris, you are so lucky to be able to taste Ann's lovely moon cakes:D The piggy is super cute!

  7. Quay Po Cooks - You come to singapore next year, am sure Ann would be glad to share with you too. ;)


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