Mini Tofu Chiffon Cake

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I first saw this tofu chiffon cake at Sonia's blog, book-marked it not sure when I will do it cos I dont have a chiffon tube. The cake looks soft and cottony and I like it very much just looking at the photos. Then I also saw Cheah's. And recently, I saw Anncoo also posting this tofu chiffon cake in mini sizes so I know i have a chance to try this cake.

This cake is very light and soft.  I baked in two attempts to clear the silken tofu.  Brought some to share with my colleagues and they all say its very nice.  So this cake is certainly a keeper.

Recipe reference (Anncoo Journal)

(A) 4 Egg yolks (I used 70g egg)
      15g Caster sugar
      55ml  (55g) Corn/canola oil

(B) 110g Silken tofu, mashed finely (or blended finely)
       55ml (55g) Soymilk (sweetened but sugar reduced)

(C)  100g Superfine flour (I used plain flour - sifted twice)
        1/2 tbsp Black sesame seeds

(D)  4 Egg whites
        80g Caster sugar
  • Cream (A) till pale, thick and creamy.
  • Add in (B), mix well.
  • Fold in (C) and mix till no lumps, add 1/2 tbsp black sesame into it and mix well, set aside.
  • Beat egg whites till frothy, gradually add in the sugar in batches, mix well. Continue beating till egg whites are stiff but not dry. (When the whisk is removed and inverted, the egg white residue does not fall off).
  • Fold egg whites into the egg yolk mixture with a handwhisk till well combined.
  • Spoon batter into muffin cases up to 3/4 full evenly and bake @ 180C for 15 mins then lower temperature to 160C for another 20 mins or skewer comes out clean.
  • Invert cake immediately on a wire rack to cool completely before unmoulding.



  1. Looks so soft and spongy! Great with a cup of warm Chinese tea!

  2. Very nicely done! Look very soft, makes me want to bake this again.

  3. Looks so soft. Great idea to put into paper cups too.

  4. Kitchen Flavours - yea, indeed the cake is very soft.

    Lena - Looking forward to your post.

    Anncoo - Ya, I might try it again soon.

    Cheah - thanks.

  5. Hello Chris,
    I am starting to learn to bake and chanced your blog. Thanks for sharing your recipes. I am so tempted to try these tofu chiffon cakes. They look so yummy. I am in such awe of all of you who can blog your cooks and bakes. When I started to attempt baking yesterday, I encountered this problem - mess. Is it like this when baking is done or is there something wrong with my mixer or basically me. Whenever my mixer does the creaming of butter and sugar, some of the sugar and butter fly out. The worst is when flour is added, the counter top and floor will be messed with flour that flew out whilst mixer on. Sigh - the mess that have to clean up after that made me kind of put off baking. Is it like this? Sorry if I sound so particular about cleanliness. I wonder do you encounter such problems?

  6. Anonymous - I don't experienced such mess when creaming butter and sugar.

  7. Thanks for your reply. Is it ok to ask what kind of mixer do you use? I am just wondering could it be my mixer that is causing the mess. Appreciate your help.

  8. Am using a Moulinex hand-held mixer.

  9. Hello, really like to know your blog has fantastic recipes congratulations!
    Kisses from Portugal:)


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