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Does this cake look very familiar?  Did you just saw this somewhere (of course I am the baker)? 

She is the very first blogger I got to know when I started blogging and have always been amazed with her baking and cooking.  Her photos always made me salivate at her goodies!

Her creation has also inspired me and intensify my interest in baking and cooking but I don't think I can ever produce such beautiful work like hers!

Am very honoured to be the recipent of her cranbery yoghurt cake.  I have always enjoyed all her home-baked cakes and cooking.  Anncoo, this cake is very nice - soft and moist.

This is another delicious carrot cake from Anncoo.  

This cake is very soft too and I like to cinnamon aroma.  Perfect to the taste (wish I could write better to describe the cake).  Another healthy cake to enjoy....



  1. Chris, So glad you liked these cakes. Thank you very much for the lunch treat that I enjoyed our wonderful time chattering... :DD

  2. The cake looks very homely and I bet it will be your household classic!

  3. wow! the cake look so yummy! (: (: indeed, ann is a really good baker (:

  4. Both cakes look yummy and super moist. I wish I can taste them too :p

  5. yummm. that looks soft and fluffy all right :)

  6. i wish i can try anncoo's cakes someday..i'm jealous already!!

  7. Hi Chris, thanks for visiting my blog earlier. You've a lovely blog here and I like your yogurt cake. Looks really fluffy and luscious. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings, Kristy

  8. Anncoo talk about you when I met her in SG the other day, so both of you stay very close to each other? These look absolutely yummy!

  9. lena - hope to see you in Singapore soon.

    My Little Space - thank you.

    Sonia - No, we are not staying near by but got to make arrangements to see what timing works for both of us. Singapore is so small and yet I only catch up with Anncoo about once or twice a year.


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