Mixed Vegetables Curry

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This is the first time I cook curry and am pleased with the result.  I always feel that curry involves a lot of blending the spices and for a family who don't appreciate spicy food - I feel the work involved would not be justified!

This is easy - very basic ingredients and yet delicious .....

Ingredients A:
500g cabbage
1 carrot
150 long beans
2 tomatoes
1 onion
4-5 pieces bean curd puffs
2-3 cloves shallots
2 slices ginger

Ingredients B:
600ml coconut milk (I used carnation milk)
1 tbsp belachan
2-3 tbsp curry powder

dash of salt
dash of sugar


  1. Cut cabbage into large pieces.  Roll-cut carrot into pieces.  Remove the ends of the long beans and break into sections.  Cut tomatoes into small sections.  Cut onions into shreds.  Cut bean curd puffs into halves and shallots into slices.  Toast belachan in a try pan until fragrant.
  2. Heat 6tbsp of oil and fry onions, shallots and ginger until fragrant, add belachan and toss well.  Stir in curry powder and fry until fragrant and oil seeps out.
  3. All all the vegetables, bean curd puffs and seasonings. Cook over medium-low heat until the vegetables are soft.  Turn down the heat, add the coconut milk to cook briefly until heated through.
Serve with white rice ....

Kitchen tips
Potatoes, eggplants, lady's fingers, pumpkin and cauliflower may also be used for this dish.
Do not cook coconut milk for too long as it will curdle.  Freshly squeezed thick coconut milk will given out an oily taste if cooked over a long period of time and this will affect the flavour of the dish.


  1. Your Mixed Curry Vegetables look so delicious. First time I see no chilli paste in it... ;DD

  2. thks for sharing this recipe! all along i only buy instead of cook cos dunno how :)

  3. this looks like a great curry congrats on your first :-)

  4. This is a great looking curry and I notice that you've given your blog a make-over ...... lovely!

  5. sometimes when i'm lazy, i will also just use curry powder or curry paste but never tried using evaporated milk. Is it creamy as using real coconut milk?

  6. Anncoo - am surprised also to find curry without chilli paste and yet it taste just as good.

    Alice - I also dont know how to cook and glad to find this receipe in a book. Give it a try when you have time.

    Rebecca - thank you.

    Cheah - haha you noticed the change. Thank you - someone helped me with the revamp lah - I not so clever but not convenient to mention name here otherwise she will get a lot of requests can help me, how to to do this and that!

    lena - yeah evaporated milk does the trick - the gravy is just as lemak as coconut milk.

  7. Hello, can check with you, any brand of belachan also okay?

  8. Ya, it should be fine with any brand. thanks for stopping by.


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