A Healthy Meal

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Don't ask me what fish this is because I have no idea at all.  The fishmonger told me very nice - just plain steam. Huh? Just steam?? How? Dont care lah - plain steam....

So I just rubbedsome salt on it and add some shredded ginger and sent to the steamer to steam.

Oh yeah, its true .... very sweet and nice!

And together with a plate of simple chinese cabbage with dried shrimps ... and indeed this was what was served for dinner.

I saw this book "All About Vegetables" at NTUC supermarket and browsed through and found the recipes quite simple to follow so I bought a copy.

400g Chinese Cabbage/loofah
2tbsp dried shimps
1tsp wine
1/2 cup water or stock
1/3tsp salt

1.  Cut Chinese cabbage into wide strips.  Soak dried shrimps until soft, then pluck away the hard bits.

2.  Heat 1tbsp of oil and fry dried shrimps until fragrant.  Drizzel over wine and add Chinese cabbage to cook until slightly soft.  Add water or stock and cover with a lid to cook the Chinese cabbage to your preferred softness.  Lastly season with salt.

What a fuss free and healthy meal for the day ...


  1. Simpe is the best! I also like to steam fish with the minimum ingredients.

  2. Like Anncoo said, simple is the best, i agreed. So long fish is fresh, simple cooking is just good.

  3. i agree with sonia, as long as the fish is fresh, just a simple steam will taste very good!


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