Fruits Salad

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Is this salad appetising/pretty? Colorful enough to make you want to try?

It's a hot afternoon, not knowing what to have for lunch .....

Browse through some of my collections and decided to have something light for lunch...

Healthy/colorful enough to arouse your curiosity to want to find out more about this salad?

This is taken from Pancy Seng's Book "Cooking for Kids"

100g caster sugar (I used 80g)
300g mayonnaise
2 green apples
2 carrots
2 cucumbers
1 can mixed fruits cocktail (drained)

1.  Beat sugar and mayonnaise till sugar dissolves.

2.  Peel and dice green apples as well as cucumbers.  Peel carrots and shred finely.

3.  Drained mixed fruits of its syrup and mix well with other ingredients.

Enjoy ...

When the fruits salad is done, leave it in the fridge for about 2 hours, the fruits will be crunchier.

You may also want to try adding some raisins to the salad (they will be a huge hit with kids).


  1. COLOURFUL! im like a kid, feeling excited and happy when i see it and i want to eat it!! look so refreshing and is healthy (: (:

  2. I also like a bowl of the healthy and refreshing salad :)

  3. sure this is nice after eating so much cakes and kuihs!

  4. The Sweetylicious - yeah, i was drawn by its colors too.

    Anncoo - help yourself to as much as you like.

    lena - fully agree that's why taking a little break from baking. haha

  5. great yummy and so appetizing...

  6. This is indeed refreshing and full of goodness!

  7. coming by to let you know that you've been tagged for the easter party@ 5 recipes to celebrate easter. come and join in , have fun!

  8. Chris, I've tagged you to join the 5 recipes to celebrate Easter. Do come and join in the fun!

  9. lena and Cheah - thank you so much for the invite. Glad to join the fun.

  10. Fruit salad is always welcome..they are colorful and inviting.

  11. Quay Po Cooks - Thanks. Yeah healthy and yummy ...


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