Prawn Fritters with Veggies

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Thanks Ann for sharing.

Here is the recipe
100g Medium Prawns, about 10 prawns or add more if you like
1 Onion - shredded
1 small Carrot - grated or cut to thin match sticks (about 50g or more)
some finely cut spring onion or coriander leaves

For the Batter
1 Egg yolk with enough water to 150ml
3/4 cup Plain flour
1 1/2 tbsp Rice flour

- Remove shell and vein from prawns then cut to cubes not too small. Season with some pepper and salt.

- Combine the batter ingredients together in a measuring cup and blend into a smooth texture paste.

- Add enough oil (I used canola oil) for shallow frying with two drops of sesame oil in wok.

- In a medium bowl add some prawn cubes, grated carrot and shredded together. Then add about 2-3 tbsp of batter (not too thick) into the prawn mixture with some coriander leaves or spring onion.

- Drop the coated prawn mixture in small portion into hot oil gently with a fork and spoon and shallow fry till golden brown. Dish up and drain oil well.


  1. looks very yummy!!! merry xmas yummy koh!

  2. Saw Blessed Homemaker made it too. Love this fried fritter. Now you also made, make me craving for it.

  3. Love prawn fritters, so sinfully yummy...:D)!

  4. merry xmas yummy koh! have a wonderful xmas!

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  6. Hello, thank you everybody for your compliments. Yes, this is sinfully delicious.

    DG - you must try this, am sure you will like it.

    Here's wishing everybody a very happy 2011.

  7. that looks so yummy! i have a kind-of healthy version for a crispy seafood treat too, you can go check it out if you like!


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