Sambal Prawns

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What do you think of these sambal prawns? Do they look fresh and sedap??

I have always admired Ann's culinary and photogrphy
skills. Her pictures really give me that "I want to try this, I want to try that". Ann has kindly touched up the photo for me - does it look more appetising and make you feel like having it too? Don't be shy to admit it .... I feel as if I didnt have enough .... Oh I wanna try this prawns again!!

Recipe is taken from Anncoo and reproduced as follows:


300g Large prawns (10 pcs)
1/2 Onion - shredded
1 stalk Spring onion - cut about 2" length
1/2tsp Garlic - chopped
1 1/2tbsp Sambal chilli (SingKong brand)
1/2tbsp Oyster sauce
100ml Water


1. Season prawns with salt and pepper.

2. Shallow fry prawns with oil till cooked and remove from pan.
Leave a little oil in frying pan and add in garlic, fry awhile then put in sambal chilli and oyster sauce, mix well and put in the prawns.

3. Stir fry awhile and add in water and let it simmer for a few mins at low fire under the sambal sauce almost dries up.

4. Lastly add in spring onion and off fire and serve



  1. Tempting! My target would be the prawn heads! Shiok!

  2. I love sambal prawn...! Especially with petai beans and rice ;).

  3. 這蝦贊ㄛ !需要一碗白飯


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