Cereal Prawns

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I normally don't like to use instant mixes but I saw this instant cereal prawn mix at NTUC and was curious to try out. I tried this dish at one zhi char stall and like it very much and of course I only how to eat but don't know how to do it so since the instant mix is there why not give a try.

So here is my fuss-free crispy cereal prawns .... hmmmm I must say not bad and a cheap way of eating this dish. I really love the curry leaves aroma that fills the kitchen.

It's so easy to prepare ... just follow the instructions on the packet and enjoy it with a bowl rice. I am sure you will enjoy it when you are craving for it and had no time to cook it the authentic way - this is not a bad idea.


  1. This is very easy to prepare and tastes good too!

  2. i think i saw these packets too here in Ipoh..must try them out some day.

  3. This is a dish that I wanted to try since long ago. Now, I must get it done after seeing your successful attempt.

  4. Hi Jess - I like this dish too and this 'cheater's version is much cheaper. haha

    Anncoo, Cheah, Lena - thank you.

    Little Box - worth giving it a try and easy to do.

  5. Mmmm...totally delicious. I had just cooked this last week but then I didn't have curry leaves. But still nice though :)

  6. Love this! Now I have to look for that instant mix!

  7. I hardly buy premix too but this seems so easy to achieve with it.


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