Japanese Cotton Cheese cake

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This is my second attempt with this Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake. It really lives up to its name - soft like cotton and its a very nice cake. I tried Anncoo's bake personnaly and I have tried this out myself.

(Anncoo, how did you slice yours so neatly? Mine is so messy? 要传功夫)

A little disappointed as something went wrong and the bottom thin layer doesn't appear as fluffy and light as it ought to be....

Very likely during the process of mixing, I didnt stir well before sending it to the oven. Not all is gone - my family still enjoy this light cotton cheesecake. Practice makes perfect .... I shall try again.


265ml Full cream milk or Low fat milk
85g Butter250g Cheese cream (room temperature)
40g Plain flour
35g Corn flour (sift together with plain flour)
7 Egg yolks
7 Egg whites
3/4 tsp Cream of tartar
125g Sugar
2 tsp Vanilla flavor


1. Boil milk and butter together at medium heat, lower heat add in cheese cream~use hand whisk to stir cheese cream till smooth. Add in plain flour and corn flour mix well.

2. Lastly add in egg yolks and vanilla flavor, mix cheese cream mixture till thick and transfer to large bowl, leave to cool.In a mixing bowl whisk egg whites, cream of tartar and sugar till peak form (that is the form peaks with tips stand straight when the beaters are lifted).

3. Use a rubber spatula to fold egg whites in two batches to the cheese cream mixture.

4. Pour cheese cream mixture to a lined 9" square cake tin and place cake tin at the lowest rack in the oven. Steam bake at preheated 150C for about 1 hour 15 mins.*After about 30 mins of baking or when you find the top of the cheesecake turned brown half way of baking, place a foil cover loosely over the cake tin. Cool down cheesecake in room temperature. *Cheesecake will shrink as it cools.

5. Best to chill cheesecake before serving.

Kitchen note: Wrap cake tin with heavy duty aluminum foil to prevent any water from sipping into the cheesecake during baking.



  1. 哇〜好綿好好吃ㄛ !可是蛋的份量太多了吧!

  2. hahaa...just hold your knife and slice it straight down and pull the knife from the side and up. ;D

  3. Yes love this type of cotton soft cheesecake. A tip for cutting cheesecake. Soak your knife in hot water, wipe it dry and then cut the cake. It will give you a perfect clean cut.

  4. Candy,this receipe is too big for my tray. I used half of the receipe.

  5. Anncoo, ICook4Fun - thanks for your tips. Will bear that in mind.

  6. Just love the cheesecake. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  7. Hi Yummy Koh,

    First time here and I must say the cheesecake looks PERFECT! Very nicely baked!!


    You Fei


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