Special Bakes from a Special Blogger friend

Yummy Bakes | 8:36 PM |
So glad I got to know blogging through an old friend and through blogging got to know some new friends who are so open and frank about sharing their baking and cooking experiences. To the extent when I am in doubt, they would not hesitate to reply and explain as best as they could.

Thank you for your friendships and also for sharing your lovely and wonderful recipes. I have enjoyed very much trying out the various bakes and cooking different dishes, experiencing the joys of successes and failures in baking and cooking - a learning experience.

A special thanks also to the owner of this blog who has not only helped with my baking and cooking but also guided me and given me tips in photography. But I must say sorry, I am still very weak with blogging (some of the stuff I have asked and you have kindly answered) but I still could not get it fixed. ;)

I met up with Anncoo for tea on Monday, 19 July and she has reserved these goodies for me. Thank you they are really great.

These are mango puddings which will be up on Anncoo's blog very soon.

If you are interested, you may want to try this Japanese cotton cheesecake.



  1. It is great to read about bloggers getting to know each other thru bloggings and eventually become friends :) It is the most wonderful thing that could happen. I hope your friendship between the two of you will continue to flourish, cheers!

  2. Happy Homebaker, thanks. Yes, indeed great to build friendships through blogging and sharing common interests/hobbies.

  3. Thanks for mention Yummy Koh. It is great to know you too.


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