Fried Rice

Yummy Bakes | 2:00 PM |
Nothing fanciful, no complicated ingredients - just stir and fry and this is the fried rice we had for dinner last night. Simple home-cooked dinner and all of us enjoyed it.


3 cups cold rice

crab sticks

chicken hotdogs

fried eggs

salt and peper to taste

Saute some chopped garlics

That's all the ingredients needed to whip up this homely fried rice. Mmmm .... delicious!



  1. I cook fried rice a lot, but I have not tried with hotdogs, it must be very delicious!

  2. I like to add hotdogs too! Looks delicious!

  3. hotdog fried rice, my kids sure like this!

  4. Happy Homebaker - this is the first time I add hot dogs to my fried rice. It's nice.

    Anncoo, first attempt must say am satisfied.

    Sonia, yeah, am sure your kids would like it.


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