Soya Milk Pudding

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Anncoo has posted a very tempting soya milk pudding that I can't resist. So here is my soya milk pudding and as it was a very impulsive decision to make last night so I dont have the necessary 'cosmetics' to add colours to my pudding and I have to agree with Anncoo that it is a very soft, silky and smooth pudding.

Thanks for the great dessert.

Here is how you make this soft, silky pudding:
1 litre soya milk
250ml fresh milk
70 - 80 gm sugar
2 tsp agar agar powder
Mix all ingredients in a pot and bring to boil at medium heat. Keep stirring during the process so that it will not get burnt.
Remove from heat and pour pudding into moulds. Leave to cool and refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving.
Your could serve with can longans or cocktail.



  1. hehee...very nice hor... and I like the first picture.

  2. That looks wonderful!!! Love the photos!

  3. how you took the 1st photo, very interesting! this pudding look yummy and soft.

  4. Thanks, Ann but it still looks better with 'cosmetics'.

    Mama Holli - thank you for dropping by again.

    Sonia - yes, this is indeed a nice dessert. Go to to get the photo effects. Have fun.

  5. 我終於可以留言了〜 〜哈〜哈〜哈〜

  6. May I know which type of soya milk did you use?

  7. I used Sobe reduced sugar soya milk.


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