Fruit pastry cake and Chocolate Fondue

Yummy Bakes | 11:51 AM |

Yes, I baked this fruit pastry cake again - and not one but two!! It's just too addictive .....
This is before snow powder was dusted on!

When could be a better time to indulge in chocolates? It's school holidays and reward the children and have fun with them without feeling guilty for a while....

At one stage chocolate fondue was so popular and most people were buying special fondue pots to make fondue to enjoy with their loved ones.
Go on and enjoy what you fancy ....
Thanks to HHB for sharing such an easy way of preparing the fondue without me having to spend money to buy a special fondue for that particular purpose. Its so easy and anyone could do it.



  1. This is lovely! I also wanted to bake this but the strawberry seems to be very sour so thought of adding other fruits in it. Still in my waiting list...hehee

  2. Hi Ann, I prefer the Korean strawberry - sweeter and more even in sizes for baking purposes.

  3. What a lovely pastry cake! This is my favourite cake, I like baking and eating it ;)

  4. Thanks Happy Homebaker. Me too love this cake.


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