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Steam Chicken Wings in Black Sauce

Once again, dinner was solved with a click on the menu from Thanks Ann for sharing - you are a great help to non-cooking persons like me with simple and nice dishes.



  1. Indeed it is for a person like me who do not cook often...

  2. hehe...It seems like you have fallen in love in my blog already~~Thank you (谢谢哦) :)
    Sometime I also used soft pork ribs (cut to bite size) to substitute chicken wing. Add in some corn oil in the marination~ so the pork ribs will not stick together after steamed. Oh one more thing~when steaming half way, give a good stir~ to let the pork ribs to be cooked evenly. You may need to steam a little longer.~~~Enjoy Cooking :D

  3. Ya fallen deeply in love with your blog cos your blog is my 'saviour'! Thank you for the 'menu'. Post more dishes .... haha


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