Lychee Agar-Agar Mooncakes

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I prefer bing pi mooncakes to traditional baked moon cakes. Anncoo shared a refreshing idea of using agar-agar to make moon cakes. At least it is not that oily and less 'sinful' so here is the result of my lychee agar-agar moon cakes. Thanks, Anncoo for sharing - its very nice. I think another person should be confirming it soon after trying .... unless I didnt do a good job. haha



  1. Hey Chris,
    It's really very beautiful using konnyaku mould.
    So happy that you like this. Who's that another person?....hope she likes it too. :)
    Why don't you enlarge the photos? I think looks better.

  2. Thanks Ann, its our mutual blogger friend ... I went to Phoon Huat on Friday after work but they dont sell the agar-agar moon cake trays and was feeling quite disappointed. So I made use of the ping bi mould and konnyaku moulds and I think it turn out well. ;)

  3. I like the design in konnyaku moulds, very pretty. I also thought of making into this moulds next time..hehe...not necessary to be eaten during Mooncake Festival right?

  4. 好美哟!
    听sharon说你有send email给我??

  5. Ann - Yeah, absolutely I also think it is very pretty in konnyaku moulds and it can be eaten anytime. I reduced the sugar to 150g for the skin.

  6. Hi Catherine, thanks for dropping by again. Yes, I did sent u an email on or after the day of your meeting with Sharon and the rest. Its ok we will catch up again.

  7. So many nice nice design till i can't bear to eat it and also don't know which one to eat first...

  8. So are you planning to keep them for display purposes? Eat lah .... and let ann and I know nice or not!


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