About Me

Hi there,

I'm Chris, with a full time job and I love to bake especially lighter and less sugar recipes that don't compromise on taste.  Having a full time job, my only time to enjoy my passion are on week ends and I only share recipes that are tried, tested and successful in this blog.

 A friend created a blog for me and I went into blogging sometime in 2011 without knowing what a blog can do for me.  My basic aim was to use it to compile and store colourful pictures of my baking and their recipes.  It was quite challenging as I went along learning the commands and maintaining the blog.

My first blogger friend, Ann from Anncoo Journal encouraged me a lot in baking/cooking as well as tidying up my blog.

Her simple and easy to follow recipes spurred me to go on with my baking till today.  After about a decade or more, she continued to help and share with me many valuable tips in baking.  She even shared tips with me in gardening, yes, gardening – you have indeed heard me correctly – gardening.

In my earlier days of baking, I basically baked butter cakes once in a while.  I learnt some basic baking techniques many years ago at the community centres as well as random short courses at different private studios.  However, through blogging, I was able to pick up many more tips and techniques for my baking.  Technology has indeed enabled me to learn and share with other bakers on the various social media platform.  Today, I am quite proud of myself as I have progressed much in my baking skills and have overcome some challenges, like being able to bake chiffon cakes, cheesecakes, sponge cakes and the different methods of baking.  I derived great satisfaction in my baking especially when my end products turned out exactly the way I expected them. I just simply loved the aroma that fills the aim from those baking sessions.  My delight in baking also included the fine details in the preparation of the ingredients –meticulously measuring them out.  Not forgetting that my heart would leap whenever I saw those smiles of my friends and family members who were so satisfied after having tried my cakes.  Their smiles gave me great encouragement and spurred me on to chase the rainbow of my dream!